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Flowers on Wood

您是否正在寻找一种与家人、朋友或亲人共度美好时光的特殊方式?你需要一些私人时间来充电吗?我们为个人和团体提供多种不同的私人预订。 请填写下面的表格,以便我们提出满足您需求的建议!



请注意 * 私人课程必须至少提前三周预订。我们将尽最大努力满足您的首选日期

Why Book A Private Session?

+ Unique and memorable way to celebrate a special occasion

+ Deepen your personal relationships with others

+ Experience a bespoke walk that meets your specific needs


Private Packages Include:

+ 3 hrs* Forest Bathing  Nature Immersion Session

+ 1 Hour private Zoom call with me to discuss your needs and personalized your experience

+ Each group must have a minimum of 2 people and up to 10 people per session

+ Cost range $600 HKD - $2500 per session*


*subject to change according to client’s needs 

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