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What is Breathwork?


'the conscious awareness and use of the breath to enhance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing'


  • Reduced feelings of stress/anxiety/overwhelm/panic/irritability

  • Break default thinking patterns, interrupts and redirects the flow of thoughts

  • Create a pause between stimulus and respond/increased self awareness of t/f/b

  • Reduced mental chatter as you train your breath to come away from the noise and into the present moment


  • The breath can connect you to what you FEEL in your body - tension/pain

  • Clear unprocessed stress/emotions from body Clear toxins from the body

  • Slows HR, lowers BP, calms digestive system, stronger immune system

  • Better sleep

  • Reduces stress hormones/ inflammation


  • Connects you to your own intuition/ your inner compass/ your creativity

  • Offers a deeper connection to yourself and your whole being/ to who you really are beyond all the noise

  • Allows you to pause and BE. We are human BEings after all

Benefits of Breathwork

Who is Breathwork For?


We all have a nervous system that needs support and emotions that we need to process and release

It can be an incredibly valuable tool for those struggling with:

  • Anger/rage/irritability Anxiety/panic attacks

  • Stress

  • Trauma

  • Mood imbalances Depression

  • Chronic health issues IBS/Chronic fatigue Hormonal Imbalances/PMS/PMDD Highly Sensitive People Sleep Issues

Leaves Shadow

The breath is a gift that we have been given as part of our beautiful human design. It has been within us all along.

Testimonials from my Clients
Describe your experience of the breathwork session led by your breathe instructor

"safe, peaceful, calm"

 "stress relief and happy focus on the practice" 

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