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Uniquely Curated Nature Immersion Experiences

Journey towards wellness


A Taste of Forest Bathing

New to forest bathing? Curious about what this well-being practice is all about? A Taste of Forest Bathing is a slow-paced, relaxing, and quiet escape from the hustle and bustling city life.

Situated in Sai Kung's Lions Nature Education Centre, you will be guided through a series of invitations to connect with nature using your senses. You will learn ways to integrate forest bathing into your daily life. 

What to Expect:

+ 2.5 Hours 

+ Not a hike or a naturalistic walk but about immersing oneself in the natural environment

+ There is no pressure to perform or finish each task or activity. The key is to create an experience that is comfortable for you and partner with nature on this journey

+The walk distance will be no more than 2 km and is not physically challenging

+ Suitable for adults with any fitness level

Rest and DeStress 
Self Care Immersion

Rest and De-Stress incorporates a blend of both green (forest) and blue (water stream/waterfalls) spaces to provide a therapeutic experience to support your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health.


A nourishing session leaving you recharged, rejuvenated, and relaxed. 

What to Expect

+ 3 Hours

+ Guided through a series of nature connection invitations 

+ Short incline walk of no more than 2 km

+ Suitable for those with a moderate level of physical fitness



+ Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve

Concrete Wall
"Carmen is an understanding guide. I felt very close to nature and all the little creatures. After the session, I went back to work, and even my students noticed that I am more refreshed."

J.F.  English Teacher

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